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In Progress

Please note this documentation is still in progress. The main focus is the API's documentation; eventually, more tutorials will be added here.

Welcome to the BUILD.5 documentation. We recommend you start with the Getting Started page.

Our architecture is designed to fully adopt new features built on IOTA/Shimmer L1 and L2. Our primary focus will always be L1, as we believe it gives us a significant advantage within the DLT ecosystem. Ultimately, our execution logic would be fully migrated into L1 and L2 Smart Contracts once the technology is available.

As you can see in the current design, asset management, custody, and more are directly created/managed within the DLT. Build.5 just provides an execution layer to limit the exposure to centralized pieces. Even things like token buy/sell are settled directly on L1, and we continue pushing its limits.

We're an open-source project operating out of a Swiss non-profit association. Join us in the effort to build the best "Enterprise ready web3 plug & play platform".

If you need any help, reach out to our discord. We're ready to help you on your Build.5 journey.